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The power of Art is the energy of creation.

I am very close to the concept of seeing the humanity as a single system, where each person is interconnected with his entire environment. We all consist of quanta and are united by a single energy field. Being in the same field, we can directly influence each other in both positive and negative ways. It is very important for me to positively influence people and for me the creating of paintings is not only about an interaction with people in terms of aesthetics or concept, but in terms of exchanging high quality energy. After all, by improving the quality of our energy, we improve the quality of our life.

From some point of view my Art is a therapy that motivates, brings clarity of thought, brings bright inner experiences and states. It is very important to learn how to feel this life, how to feel yourself. I would like to invite you to look at my paintings, first directing your attention to your heart. Starting to feel sensations in your heart, you do not need to analyze or understand them, you just need to feel.


In this way, you activate your sensitivity and ability to read information not by the logical path of the mind, but by the path of the soul. Pictures must be viewed through the heart and then you can be filled with the energy and positive information that I put into it through the creative flow of meditation. All my paintings are created in a state of flow, after meditation.

Well, what is the purpose of all this? The purpose of my work is to encourage development and increase the vibrations of the personality. I believe the humanity needs to finally wake up and consciously create reality. And each of us, as a part of the great, is involved in this.


Thank you for being here.

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