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Svetlana Prokopenko

In February 2023, I embarked on a new chapter of my life, moving from the enchanting landscapes of Italy to the vibrant city of Calgary. My roots are Ukrainian, and my artistic journey is a fusion of diverse cultures and experiences.


With over a decade of experience in portraiture, my passion for capturing the essence of individuals through textured strokes and volume techniques is a vital part of my artistic identity. Currently, my focus is on crafting abstract energy paintings and personalized portraits, each carrying not only aesthetic beauty but also a profound energy value.

Armed with a Bachelor's Degree from the Ukrainian Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, with a focus on minimalist architecture, I honed my eye for clean lines and aesthetic simplicity. My passion for art blossomed during my time in Rome, Italy, where I completed a course in Digital Illustration, sparking my love for children's book illustration.


 Inspired by my travels, the study of architecture, and various forms of art, I embarked on a journey of exploration. This journey led me to create my very first children's books and delve into the world of art with newfound enthusiasm.


 Over the years, I delved into the realm of home design, creating decor artworks for interior spaces, crafting stunning wall compositions, and experimenting with a multitude of painting techniques. This experimentation laid the foundation for my unique mixed-media artistry, which has been showcased in exhibitions across Ukraine and Europe.

As a proponent of a healthy lifestyle, vegetarianism, and a deep love for nature, I channel my inner peace and creativity through meditative practices. My mission is to infuse my artworks with energy and inspiration, transforming them into conduits of positivity and harmony.


Join me on this artistic journey as I explore the boundaries of creativity, sharing my unique perspective on art, and spreading energy and inspiration through every brushstroke and canvas.

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